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Vintage Base Ball
Vintage base ball is baseball being presented as if being played by rules and customs from an earlier period in the sport's history. Games are typically played using rules and uniforms from the 1850s, 1860s and 1880s. Vintage base ball is not only a competitive game, but also a reenactment of baseball life similar to American Civil War reenactment. Players dress in uniforms appropriate to the time period, and many teams appear to be direct copies of teams that existed in the late 19th century. The styles and speech of the 19th century are also used while playing vintage base ball.
The Crossing Rails

Our team is based out of Alliance, OH. The City of Alliance finds its beginnings in 1850 when two major railroad lines, the Ohio & Pennsylvania and Cleveland & Wellsville Railroads intersected in Liberty, once known as "The Crossing", giving our team it's name.

The Carnation Cup

Every year we host a tournament in our city's Carnation festival. The tournament takes place in the front lawn of Glamorgan Castle shown in the bottom left photo. The

tournament winner wins our plaque pictured in the top left.


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